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Internet connectivity & Telephony

Internet connectivity can be a complex subject, here at computer first we take care of all your connectivity issues. Be it a multi-site leased line point to point with microwave down to your basic commercial ADSL package. We source and maintain supplier relationships as well as put into plain English what each service entails. Internet is becoming more business critical make sure you choose the right partner for your connectivity needs. Our long established partnerships with telphone services firms also allows for us to help save you money with your monthly bills.

Onsite and remote IT support

Our remote IT support offering allows us to connect to any internet connected server or P.C. and allows us to take complete control. This enables us to see your issue as if we we're right there and rapidly fix your issue. For hardware issues we have onsite support with serveral reponse catagories that mean the right issues are priortised and fixed to keep your business running smoothly. Our IT support times start from as little as two hours for critical business systems for our support contract clients.

Vendor management

Vendor mangement for the uninitiated is where we source trusted suppliers, maintain the relationship and simply rid you of all the hassel so you can get on with building your business. For example if your phone system was to go down we'd use the following procedure:

1. Identify the issue so we know who to contact
2. Log a call with the provider stating the issue and what we've done to try to resolve it.
3. See if we can implement a fix or work around for the issue.
4. If to much time has passed we escilate the issue within the company, calling management if we have too.
5. We follow the resolution through and let you know it's fixed and how to avoid the issue in the future.

As you can see you simply get on with your business while we do all the hard work. Our vendor partners include the following displines:

Internet providers
i.e. the majority of IT related services.

Product consultancy

Many companies don't have the in house expertise to purchase the right equipment. Imagine asking your buyer to purchase a P.C. they may not be aware of the diffrence between a business edition of the operating system being required for your network. We learn what your company needs and we plan for the future not just on whats the cheapest price. We form a business case and show you how this equipment will benfit your company and meet your current and future needs as well as providing a upgrade path. Buying IT equipment is a minefield you need to make sure it's not going to fail as once it does it can bring your company to a standstill. Our company can provide a great deal of help in this area and make sure what you get will help your business grow.

Online backup

Computer first online backup is our latest offering. Our application is installed on your computer or server and then backed up overnight securely. All backups are transfered over your internet connection overnight with military level encryption. The data centers your data is stored on are located outside of london on the east and west coast of the country to minimize an outage caused by the ever potential threat of terrorists. Once backed up your data is accessable offsite in a secure and fast manor. The automated backup helps prevent many issues arising such as simply forgeting to replace a tape to the building being burnt down.

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Our remote IT support solutions allow us to deal with business's UK wide.